• Image of Alaska Thunderfun and the Inner Space Odyssey (Sickening Adventures Book 2)
  • Image of Alaska Thunderfun and the Inner Space Odyssey (Sickening Adventures Book 2)

New Year's Eve, 1979: A lonely military outpost is about to have its mind blown by an unexpected guest — a leggy bombshell from the planet Glamtr0n.

Crash-landing on earth, the newly named Alaska Thunderfun is immediately captured by military men eager to exploit her body's out-of-this-world special powers. But Alaska doesn't give up without a fight, and soon finds herself on a wild ride to the fabled Hollywood she's read about in her home planet's school books, a journey that will introduce her to a lesbian truck driver, an androgynous fashion model, and America's glamorous, garish 1980s pop culture.

Will Alaska succeed in eluding her would-be kidnappers? Will she become a superstar on Earth before she finds her way back home? And what is it about her amazing body that holds the key to survival, and to the happiness of one of her newfound friends?

Read this exciting, uplifting adventure to discover the legend of Alaska!

Written by Matthew Rettenmund & Alaska Thunderfun

Cover Image by Donny Meloche
Published by Producer Entertainment Group

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